Saturday, July 19, 2008

Updates on Amir Motlagh's new features Whale and Micro

From Motlagh's blog:

"“Absorbed”, and further updates on whale

So, the film Micro from last year is going to be titled Absorbed, and if you read my last post, i am giving it away free. I will keep relaying why i am doing this, to give it a greater context(both social and personal), and i think that in the end, the conceptual gap between the works whale, “Plain Us” and Absorbed will hopefully mend.

At this time, i am of the mind that as artist, we have to be very reluctant to give away our work for free, especially now that the internet audience feels entitled to media without fee, but at the same time i am starting to see a diminishing quality of work being put fourth in the ultra indie community that has abandoned both singularly(which i don’t mind so much and can be beneficial in the world of low budget DV/HD) and comprehensively (detrimental to the filmmaking community), concept, craft and art. The thing about the proliferation of DV in the nineties was that in the words of Jean Cocteau, ”Film will only became an art when its materials are as inexpensive as pencil and paper”, well its not pencil and paper, but damn near close, although Jean Cocteau might not have been thinking about how the internet and lack of scope was going to muddy his quote. Because we are on the subject, this was another gem from Cocteau, “Art is not a pastime but a priesthood”, which echoes the commitment to the work that one does."

Read the rest of the post here.

- Sujewa

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