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What are some good east coast (closer to DC/NYC the better) indie film festivals to check out in the fall?

I enjoyed this year's Maryland Film Festival (happened in May), and am a fan of SilverDocs (happened in June), and I like the people who run the Atlanta Film Festival (happened in April), so, since those early-part-of-the-year festivals are (or will be next year) fun/interesting events to attend, what are some good fests to check out, if possible, in the fall & beyond - this year? Leave suggestions in comments (w/ links, URL to fest sites if/when possible). I may end up visiting Seattle (very likely, family) & LA & possibly San Francisco (slim chances for visiting those two CA cities) this year, but other than that, I'll mostly be in the east coast - DC/NYC area - but am not against long drives or train or bus rides - or if really needed, flying. So, maybe recommendations for east coast - close to DC/NYC fests will be best. But feel free to point to any indie film fests happening in the US this fall, any that you think will be fun/interesting. Thanks.

- Sujewa


Paula said…
Two good ones that immediately come to mind: Sidewalk (Birmingham) happens September 26-28, and Indie Memphis (headed up by Erik Jambor) is October 9th-16th.
I love New York in the Fall. Here's a succession of film festivals I plan to attend that you may want to put on your list:

Independent Film Week (fka IFP Market)
Sept. 14-19, 2008

New York Film Festival
Sept. 26-Oct. 12, 2008

Woodstock Film Festival
Oct. 1-5, 2008

Hamptons International Film Festival
Oct. 15-19, 2008

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