Thursday, July 24, 2008

Where the day job work week ends and the film work weekend begins

It's Thursday, so, off to film Armando Valle in Baltimore tonight, then a couple of indie film blogger interviews & hanging out in NYC Fri - Sun AM, & then a blogger interview back in Silver Spring, MD on Sun evening, followed by another blogger interview in DC on Mon. So, I'll be back posting at this blog on Tue.

This using the weekend for getting film work done (every other weekend lately) strategy is working well for me; try it if you have a day job during the week & are frustrated by not moving forward with your filmmaking work - set aside at least 2 weekends a month for your filmmaking work & follow through, no matter what (generally speaking). Using that strategy I have been able to shoot all the footage I need (by the end of this weekend) for the feature doc The Indie Film Bloggers, in less than 2 months. If necessary I plan on using the same strategy for shooting the upcoming fiction feature Actress (working title) in August & September. Also for Untitled New York Comedy that I plan on starting work on in October.

Also, equipment rental is cheaper on the weekends; I am getting a GL2 for about $80 for the weekend (Sat & Sun, Fri eve pick up, Mon AM return); an affordable price for this DIY filmmaker.

- Sujewa

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