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White Lies, Black Sheep interview at Cinema Echo Chamber

From the interview:

"CEC: Shifting gears, you had a background in visual arts as a sculptor originally.

JS: Yeah. Filmmaking came out of this necessity to reach a black audience, which is what I wanted to do. Not to just have people of color up on the wall and then an all white crowd in the gallery. Being a fan of artwork, I would always growing up be like, "Minor Threat saved my life!" To hear someone say, "Afro-Punk saved my life!," or, "I thought about suicide every day my whole life before I knew there were other people like this..." I realize, "Oh shit, I can make a difference." Filmmaking is what I can make a difference through, so I'm like, "Fuck it, lemme make another film." I mean, this one just happened."

More at Cinema Echo Chamber.

- Sujewa


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