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Will need a place in NYC starting October 1

Well, after many years of talking about it, finally all the ingredients are right for me to move to NYC. In the next few weeks I will be looking for a room to rent in an apt. or house, I guess for around close to what I am paying here in the DC area (but, many variables in NYC, I know), so maybe in the $600 - $800 range (less the better of course, but, I'd like to live in a relatively OK neighborhood). I'll probably end up in Brooklyn or Queens. It would be cool to live with other indie film or film types (the shared houses & apts of indie rockers in DC in the 90's was a great social & creative space). And of course if the price, location, etc. is good a studio or 1 bedroom apt. could be cool too (may be worth the extra $s) - just myself as it was in Chicago. Let me know if you hear of any good places/housing options I should check out.

So, October 1 is the target date for the official start of the living in NYC thing.

And that month I'd like to start collaborating with some filmmakers I know in NYC & start creating, possibly (this might ultimately end up being something that I direct myself, but, we'll see), a feature made up of several short films dealing with one common subject or event. A "no" budget, some evenings & some weekends, most likely DV, project.

So, we have a clear place (NYC), time (October 1), a clear thing (moving to NYC), and a not so clear another thing (making a collaborative feature - possibly); so, a lot of the key elements needed for a new story are in place :)

I wonder how living in NYC will affect my blogging; blogging now is a way to connect with other indie filmmakers & indie film bloggers in relatively far off places/mostly NYC I think (not many who make fiction features or blog about indie film as much as I do live near me now, so, the blog is a door to a virtual community), but when I can talk to these people in person & hang out, will I still blog as much? Probably. I'll probably find some new angle (related to film, about filmmaking, etc.) to explore through this & other blogs of mine (will definitely have to get busy on the Indie Fabulous NYC blog, on hold at the moment). Maybe then the blogging will be about what it is like to be a DIY filmmaker living in & making movies in NYC (& also blogging), among other things. Who knows. But should be fun.

I'll also have to work out the work/day job situation; probably will keep working the DC area job in the weekdays 'till I find something I like in NYC even after the move (since DC is only like 4 hours away on a fast & cheap-ish bus (not a Chinatown bus, I am off those if I can help it), I can do like a 4 day work week in DC & be in NYC 3 days, for a while; got a place to stay when I am in DC). So, another item for the 2 Do list this summer & fall - job hunt in NYC.

Anyway, let me know if you hear of any cool places that I can rent in NYC starting October 1 (see para 1 for more on what I am looking for). Thanks.

- Sujewa


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