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Yes, indie filmmakers do live in Astoria; new film & maker - New York Lately & Gary King

When I visited NYC this past weekend to shoot interviews for The Indie Film Bloggers I stayed in Astoria. Me & Brian Geldin - The Film Panel Notetaker - were wondering that weekend if any indie filmmakers & or indie film bloggers lived in Astoria (we assumed "probably"). Now we have proof of the existence of an Astoria based indie filmmaker & blogger; Gary King - and we also have news of a new indie film; New York Lately.

Check out Gary's blog An Indie Life here. From a recent post:

"Last month prior to heading to Georgia to shoot DISMAL, I sat down with INDIE PRODUCTION SOURCE to talk about the project and my experiences as a director. The guys (Charles Stewart Jr., Kelly Neilon, Matt Hacker) who run it are really nice and belong to the North Carolina indie film community as well."

More here.

About Gary's movie - debut feature - New York Lately:

"NEW YORK LATELY is a drama following multiple characters as they weave through their daily lives searching for happiness. However, happiness to each of them is defined differently. With New York as its backdrop, the film explores various topics and themes such as: love, infidelity, obsession, loneliness, deception and fate."

More here.

- Sujewa


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