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SLOW ROMANCE movie (2020) color test video

Werewolf Ninja Philosopher at Vimeo VOD

Funny Daily Show profile of the next president

Lots of Battlestar Galactica episodes part of the treatment

Jenkins & Melancholy in Toronto

And, perhaps more importantly, Atlanta Film Fest is open for '09 submissions

9/8 is regular deadline for features for Sundance '09

Real Indie success

Seinfeld Vision

Trailer for upcoming UK indie film Bunch of Guys

Gabe Wardell's latest notes on the changing landscape of professional film criticism

Finalized Date Number One DVD cover & face designs, ordered a test/proof copy

50 years later some French New Wave directors still at work

Some Gawkers not in love with New York

Nothing too interesting going on in the DIY film world at the moment, so here's a Stargate behind the scenes clip

TEXAS SNOW Friday August 22 Kensington, MD

Momma's Man interview

Schools in southern states beat African American female students - Human Rights Watch

The Reeler at work

That's an awesome view

Richard Rodriguez interview

Funny video art - The Final Countdown

Searching for otherness in media images

Free movie of the day: COFFEE AND CIGARETTES

A little bit of Coffee & Cigarettes

Brandon Harris interviews James "Off The Black" Ponsoldt

Slow Down at Washougal

My chances of hooking up with that hot actress from Ally McBeal have seriously diminished

The bloggers from the doc & their blogs & sites

Bigfoot carcass in Atlanta?

Russia using cluster bombs in Georgia - Human Rights Watch

New Video Digital may be the people to talk to about getting your indie movie on iTunes

Metropolitan yo

Masher - what Hollywood Is Talking folks are up to when they are not blogging

"Federal officials considering a rule allowing health care workers to refuse to provide contraceptives" - Houston Chronicle editiorial article

Back from the land where all the waitresses are from Russia & all the indie film bloggers live in Brooklyn

Able Danger in DC

La Vie de Boheme at BAM on Tue night

Yeah, good job on the Olympics opening ceremony China, but what's up with killing people in Tibet?

On Tropic Thunder, certain kinds of movies that win Oscars, other matters

Does blogging help other creative writing or does it hurt it?

infinicine is alive

2 example of relatively poor/not focused on wealth building & ultimately marketers of an intellectual product who have reshaped the world

iTunes & indie filmmakers

Possible final poster for the blogger doc

Shooting Untilted NYC Comedy 9/15 - 11/15 & updates on the other 3 current projects

Indie Film Blogger Road Trip