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Brian Newman on the indie sky falling

This post by Brian Newman, blogger & CEO of the Tribeca Film Institute (and, according to the intro. to Brian at the blog, "The views on this blog are not those of TFI."), is a few weeks old, but I do not think I've highlighted it here before, and Brian's view is the minority view re: Mark Gill's "sky is falling" speech (at least from what I've read & heard) in the real indie world & also one I agree with, so here it is:

"Mark Gill’s analysis, even the parts I would debate, is fairly accurate, but pretty much meaningless to 99% of the indies I (and you) know. For most of us – those making truly indie films, and those watching them – not one of Gill’s thirteen disaster points mean anything to us."

Read the rest at SpringBoardMedia.

- Sujewa


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