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Does blogging help other creative writing or does it hurt it?

Blogging is certainly good for generating publicity for films, speaking as a filmmaker, and it is also good for creating a community; gives several people something in common, new friends are made, etc. But, being a filmmaker also means being a creative writer; movies are first created on paper (most fiction movies) and that kind of writing is different than journalistic writing (reportage, getting the facts down & getting it to the readers in a certain form) or publicity focused writing (such as blog posts created to announce a DVD's availability, a film screening, etc.). Creative writing requires periods of not writing a lot; instead thinking, jotting down small notes, research, wrestling with panda bears, exploring info. on new things. So, if you are in the habit of blogging daily, might that get in the way of making progress on your fiction film scripts? Perhaps. Maybe such temporarily-off-the-record writing (as work done on fiction feature scripts are not readily available for readers immediately as blog posts are) needs to be done on certain days with blogging set aside for other days. Because a little bit of blogging (also blog reading) can lead to a lot of blogging on one day. Also, a little bit of creative writing can lead to a lot of creative writing in one day. So, for me at least, it may be best to designate certain days as possible days to blog & certain days as definite days to work on scripts; to make sure that the need to write is not fulfilled by blogging & that fiction feature scripts get done.

On a related note, did not blog all day or spend any significant amount of time reading blogs yesterday (the day that ended 16 minutes ago :), and it was not bad - got a lot of other work done. So, it is possible that life without reading blogs or blogging may not suck. I was away from computers & engaged in finishing up a large task; moving 300 or so boxes, and that made it easy to not think about blogs. So, maybe having something relatively big or important going on is one way to get away from blogs. But what happens if I end up getting an iPhone or some such device where I can check out blogs while on the road, or while doing other stuff ???

Keeping 'net activity to some blogging (on a weekly basis), occasionally checking MySpace, checking e-mail couple of times a day/as needed for biz, updating web sites as needed for biz reasons, may be good limits to have as far as time spent doing stuff on or for the web.

Religions of the future will no doubt have laws regarding internet use.

Definitely not gonna get on Twitter or Facebook. I've got enough internet-work addictions.

I wonder when newspapers were first invented if some people got really into them; spent hours a day reading them, or making them/writing them before being a journalist became an actual profession. Let's try to find out, on the web of course.

- Sujewa


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