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Is this episode of 4EM for real?

I kind of don't believe Episode 10. Saw Four Eyed Monsters - the movie back when it played at The Avalon in DC like two years ago; cute, well made, interesting. Then months later checked on some of the web episodes, and haven't really followed that story after that. Then this afternoon I cliked on Episode 10 - the wig on Susan on the still frame for the episode looked interesting; turns out E10 is where Susan gets into stripping??? I guess the kids are growing up or something. Then again, I did work on a reality show once, and we set up all kinds of scenarios that didn't really happen to make the show interesting for the audience, maybe it's one of those things. Anyway, here it is, 4EM Episode 10, where cute gets kind of weird:

Four Eyed Monsters - Episode 10 - Denial


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