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Jenkins & Melancholy in Toronto

Jenkins & Melancholy sounds like either a 60's or early 90's band. But what we are talking about here is filmmaker Barry Jenkins showing his movie Medicine for Melancholy at the Toronto International Film Festival. indieWIRE has a nice interview with Jenkins; apparently breaking up is good for indie film:

(iW) "Please discuss how the idea for "Medicine For Melancholy" came about...

(Jenkins) This film spun out of breakup (lame, I know) and a filmmaking drought in the four years after graduating college. I hadn't made a film, not even a single short, since leaving film school and this breakup brought me face to face with where I was in my life and where I was and wasn't heading. When you're in a relationship, that union serves as a sort of buffer to the world. It didn't matter that I was a filmmaker, yet wasn't making films. I was in love. Being tossed out of that shell was a wake up call. The film literally grew out of those two realizations, the pain of heartbreak and a desire to prove my chosen craft. Once I opened myself to letting my personal experiences here in San Francisco inform the narrative, the movie was born."

Read the rest of the iW interview here.

- Sujewa


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