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Lots of Battlestar Galactica episodes part of the treatment

Had some cold/fever type thing (almost fully recovered now) the last couple of days. So I slept a lot & when awake watched a lot of Battlestar Galactica episodes on DVD (didn't watch any episodes fully when they first aired). Pretty decent story telling & entertainment. About the show, from Wikipedia:

"Ronald D. Moore tackled the reimagining with realism in mind, portraying the shows heroes as being part of a "flawed" humanity, and drawing inspiration from the September 11, 2001 attacks and their aftermath. In the reimagined series, many characters struggle with deep personal flaws; for example, Adama and his son have a profoundly dysfunctional relationship, while Colonel Tigh is an alcoholic. Their enemy is capable of living among them unnoticed and willing to carry out suicide attacks, allowing an exploration of moral and ethical issues brought up by the War on Terrorism. The show has dealt with Cylon and human suicide bombers, the torture of prisoners, and a struggle motivated by intense religious differences. To add to this realism, the creative direction also redesigned Galactica with a decidedly 'retro' submarine look, approximating the function of an aircraft carrier, using bullets and missiles instead of directed-energy weapons such as lasers."

In the episodes I've seen so far (about 6 of them, from Season 1 & 2 I think, plus Razor) they haven't explained why the Cyclons are so pissed off at the humans, but I guess they'll explain that at some point.

The new, female, Starbuck looks a lot like Greta Gerwig in some episodes.

I am glad they kept the same look for the fighter jets, that's one thing I remember clearly from the 80's/original version of Galactica.

I like this new version of Galactica better than the 80's version. Specially the multi-ethnic casting, and the many significant roles played by women.

- Sujewa


Charles Judson said…
That's the beauty of the show. Keep watching. The reasons for the conflict are murky and ever shifting. And considering the depths the humans will go to "protect" themselves and vice versa, it's no wonder the two races are at each other's throats, ready to wipe out the other.

Then there's that prophecy that it has happened before and it will happen again driving some of the Cylons and Humans. I freakin' love me some BSG.

Time for it to come back so I can get my fix.
The Sujewa said…
Hey Charles,

Yeah, next time I am in Atlanta we can have a BSG geek fest :)

Great show, about to pop in a couple of episodes in about an hour or so.

Also, Dr. Boltar (sp?) would make for an easy Halloween costume; dress like a professor & talk to self a lot. Maybe having a tall "invisible" blond in a red dress close by could add to the full Boltar effect.

- Sujewa
jinni said…
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