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Managing the fantabulous DIY filmmaker lifestyle & day job work

I want to have an x amount of $s saved & an x number of my DVDs selling per month, plus debt paid down to an x level, before I quit my day job (and this'll probably take another 2 years or so, to achieve those goals).

In the meantime, this is how I am going to manage having a day job & needing to get a lot of filmmaking & related work done:

Mon - Thu: Primarily day job work, w/ a couple of hours each day for filmmaking & distribution related work.

Fri - Sun: Primarily for filmmaking & related work. With filming happening at most 2 weekends out of a month, usually, so that I will have a day off from everything every couple of weeks. Editing & publicity work can happen on a weekly basis (publicity stuff even on a daily basis) since those two kinds of filmmaking related work is not as intense as filming/shooting.

That's the new plan.

- Sujewa


PR_GMR said…
Tell me about it. I'm phasing into part-time work in about three weeks just so that I can handle doing my latest short film and complete my film degree. Time management is so crucial when you're an indie filmmaker still not fully employed to make films.
The Sujewa said…
All a part of building a career and or creating a body of work; worth the price & the hassle I think.

- Sujewa

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