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Nice to see David D. back in his famous role, but X Files: I Want to Believe is mediocre televison, not ready for the big screen

The larger canvas, Hollywood budget & distribution, famous characters & stars brings with it certain grand expectations; and the new X Files movie I Want to Believe is a big let down. The story would have made for a somewhat decent TV episode, but I was expecting much more, at least much better writing, from the movie. The only good thing about the movie was seeing Mulder & Scully again, but the dialogue in the movie was pretty horrible. And the central story; about an attempt to attach one person's head to another person's body, is, well, gory, but, not that interesting. And what's with several women getting killed & butchered in that movie? What happened to the aliens? Why'd you guys settle for some garden variety crazy Soviet science experiment/horror show idea? Hopefully there will be another X Files movie, but with much better writing and greater ambition. If you guys & ladies need help writing a better X Files movie script, let me know, I've got some good ideas (war on terror, ecology issues, the govs very slowly leaking info. about UFOs out to the public, time travel & matter teleportation experiments going on in the US & Europe, THE MONTAUK MONSTER, man, there are some great news items that can be worked into a great X Files movie at this point in time). Definitely drop the religious plot lines, upon close examination religions do not offer any intellectual/scientific challenges to anyone beyond middle school age, not worthy of an X File.

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I'd like to believe that Team X Files can put together a decent movie next time around.

- Sujewa


PR_GMR said…
I was huge of X-Files back in the 90s and I very much liked the first film. But I skipped the sequel. It seems everything I've heard about it is true--it's nothing but an undercooked expanded episode, and not even a good one at that. Despite the 'gore' in the movie, I think I'll just wait until DVD to see what the hell happened to Mulder and Scully. A shame really--an ambitious X-Files sequel would have been awesome.

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