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Slow Down at Washougal

From M. David Lee III:


Triple Sticks Productions, is proud to announce our feature film, “Slow Down… You’re Dating Too Fast!” will screen at the “2008 Washougal International Film Festival” August 21th – August 24rd on Saturday, August 23rd, between 10am-6pm. (

The film chronicles five adults trying to work and date in modern society. Instead of the tried and true approaches to dating, these brave souls look for love in a most unusual way… “Speed Dating.”

“Slow Down… You’re Dating Too Fast!” is a comedy that will show you just what happens when you take a “different” approach to dating… this is NOT how your parents did it.

“I think we have a phenomenal screening time! When you go to the theater to see the film, I think folks will walk away really smiling and laughing and that's what we had hoped would happen when we made the film. I can't wait until Saturday!"

M. David Lee III
Producer, Writer, Director, D.P., Editor

Our official screening location and time are:

Slow Down... You're Dating Too Fast!
Saturday August 23rd between 10am-6pm
Washburn Auditorium
1201 39th St.
Washougal, WA 98671

Additional Notes:
- There are 32 speaking roles.
- The film was shot in Memphis and Mississippi
- It was made for under $1,000.00 dollars
- It was shot in 6 days

In addition to screening at the 2008 Washougal International Film Festival, “Slow Down… You’re Dating Too Fast!” made it’s World Wide release on DVD, Monday July 21st. To purchase a copy of this amazing film, log onto our web site at: For more information on Triple Sticks Productions, this film, stills, or to schedule interviews please contact: OR (901) 351-8032"


Food for Films said…
The notes in the post are most interesting and maybe even inspiring. 6 days may not be a lot of time to shoot a feature length independent film. However, that depends on what is in the script. Certain action scenes and locations may be difficult to secure and complete within such a shor timeframe, so some films can do it and others may need additional days. Still, the way this film was made is something filmmakers should definitely consider.

The faster you get a film done, the faster you can show it to an audience.

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