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The State of Horror

At Horror 101 Armando Valle (one of the bloggers featured in my doc Indie Film Blogger Road Trip) gets us caught up on the current state of the horror film industry, poses problems and solutions, and talks about the challenges facing indie horror filmmakers. From the article:

"We’re not gonna lie to you, fans. Things are bad all over for quality horror cinema. A recent article at pointed the current ills of the genre, but let me expand on just how bad the problem is and possible solutions to the problem. As the article pointed out, young horror directors are having trouble cracking the horror audience, the old guard directors like George Romero (although beloved by this commentator) can’t put butts on the theater seats, and Hollywood doesn’t care about the discerning horror fan instead delivering forgettable, terrible PG-13 horror flops one after another. Americanizations and remakes are disappointing fans all over the board. And for the enterprising indie horror filmmaker, chances are that your well-crafted, smart horror flick just won’t be released theatrically regardless of how many awards you win of how much fan buzz your film garners."

Read the rest of the article at Horror 101.

- Sujewa


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