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At the intersection of indie film & science fiction

Indie filmmakers have used, typically & mostly, comedy and drama as the two film storytelling genres with which to tell the stories that they want to tell. Another very interesting genre, one that seems to have no boundaries; death, time, whatever, is science fiction. After getting caught up on most of the episodes of the four seasons of the new version of Battlestar Galactica, I can see how adding a sci-fi element to an indie film would allow the makers to explore issues that are not as well explored by a walking and talking comedy-drama movie. Any human concern - no matter how outlandish or vast; life after death, origin of life, nature of consciousness, genocide, death squads, Gods, right and wrong, whatever - can be tackled entertainingly & convincingly through sci-fi. So, new indie filmmakers should take a look at sci-fi as a possible genre to add to the mix for their features; maybe instead of a low budget indie feature about a young couple walking around the city & talking on Valentines Day maybe one member of the couple is a robot? Could be very entertaining & interesting. Trailers for 2 indie movies that live at the intersection of indie & sci-fi:

- Sujewa


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