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Disorientation can be caused by not knowing the actual point in time in which you exist

If you feel several years or several thousand years out of step (forward or backward) with much of the rest of the world, that's probably because a few layers below the commonly agreed upon idea of point in time lies the actual point in time in which you exist - the two numbers are not the same; more on that here.

That and other "strange" ideas - such as ancient batteries, surprisingly complex navigational tools from thousands of years ago, possible records of ancient nuclear weapons - will be explored at this new blog of mine in the coming months as time permits; might give me some ideas for some sci-fi tinged movies, and - if nothing else- will probably be an interesting/entertaining blog.

And now, for some video:

- Sujewa


Yash said…
Amazing thought man, & really nice video . Disorientation really happens in this world.

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