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Got the 1st Date Number One DVD back from the factory

The DNO DVD cover design needs more work, but the face design (pictured above) I like. On Monday I should have the final cover design & should be able to order the first batch of retail DVDs. So, should be able to start selling DNO DVDs before this month is over.

Indie Film Blogger Road Trip doc editing is happening. May not make the regular deadline for Sundance (9/8), but may make the late deadline (9/22).

- Sujewa


Aaron said…
Looks good. I guess you changed your mind about using just the extreme close-up pic of the books as the only image?
The Sujewa said…
Thanks Aaron. Yeah, nicer with the people in the pic. That DVD face pic is a little stretched out, will be adjusted for next time. Overall very happy with the face design. The cover design needs a little more tweaking of several elements (mostly text blocks), but general approach was good.

- Sujewa

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