Saturday, September 20, 2008

Kinda nice...

Kinda nice being too busy to blog 'cause I've been editing like 8-10 hours a day (& working at the bookstore when not editing or sleeping) for the last 5 days or so (better than the opposite situation; blogging too much & not putting enough time into filmmaking). But, very soon I should be done with both Indie Film Blogger Road Trip (IFBRT) editing & fest submission #1 & Date Number One DVD production (on that project just need to finalize the DVD cover design & order the DVDs), & then will be back for some blogging. Also nice to have '08 projects #1 (DNO DVD) & #2 (IFBRT) very near completion at this point, so that I can plan on starting work on '08 projects #3 & #4 (two feature length, ultra-ultra low budget & superdelicious comedies) in October in NYC.

Until I get back to blogging, check out the blog links at IFBRT's blog, on the right side - scroll down - it's like a mini iW blogs page over there - headlines from about a dozen interesting blogs - writers of which are all featured in IFBRT.

See ya at this blog towards the next weekend - there are several interesting things to write about.

- Sujewa

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