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New York Lately premiere at Tribeca Cinemas 10/17

Finally some indie film news to blog; this place was in danger of turning into a full-blown X-Files type strange stories zone :):

"Kitchen Table Film Presents NEW YORK LATELY

Friday, October 17 at Tribeca Cinemas

New York, New York – September 8, 2008 - On Friday, October 17, Kitchen Table Films will hold a private premiere event of the independent feature film drama NEW YORK LATELY at the Tribeca Cinemas in New York. Written, directed and produced by Gary King, the premiere will feature a full screening of the 92-minute film and host an after party at the same venue. The filmmakers and select cast will be in attendance for post-screening Q&A's.

NEW YORK LATELY follows multiple characters as they weave through their daily lives struggling to find happiness. Using New York as the backdrop, filmmaker Gary King interweaves several unrelated tales into a larger tapestry that not only pulls viewers into these intimate day-to-day lives,but also draws on those interactions to show how we are not all that different from each other.

The film is packed with rising talent, including up-and-coming singer Susan Cagle whose New York underground music career was showcased on the Oprah Winfrey Show and a haunting musical score by Ben Romans of the chart-topping band, THE CLICK FIVE. Along with other powerhouse performances by the ensemble cast, this is a dazzling independent film not to be missed.

In 2006, King quit his corporate job to pursue filmmaking full-time, moving from Northern California to New York where the inspiration for the film was born. NEW YORK LATELY fuses together those universal themes -- love, infidelity, obsession and friendship -- and explores them among city moments that pulse together. "The film moves through its various stories without attempting to make character intersections any more meaningful than the random nature of life itself," says King, "the effect is a sprawling mosaic of New York City and its everyday people, living everyday lives. People can relate to that."

King also served as producer and financed the film by cashing out his entire 401K. "It's definitely an independent film in every sense of the word, from its financing to the way we shot guerrilla style all around the city," says King. "My motto was: no permits, no problem."

NEW YORK LATELY will hit the film festival circuit in 2009.

ABOUT KITCHEN TABLE FILMS: Based in New York, Kitchen Table Films is an independent film and media production company, founded in the summer of 2003. The company name and logo are inspired by the humble beginnings, late hours and grassroots effort required in creating independent films.


Please contact Kitchen Table Films if you wish to cover the invitation only premiere screening and after party at the Tribeca Cinemas on October 17, 2008. Screening times are at 7 pm and 9 pm. The filmmakers and select cast will be in attendance.

Screeners will be made available in the Winter of 2008. Please contact with a mailing address to request a copy.

FOR MORE INFORMATION or to schedule an interview with Gary King:



Phone: 646-957-55555"


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