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"There is no crisis" - Ted Hope

indieWIRE's got a new first person piece, text from a speech given by Ted Hope, kind of an anti-"the sky is falling" speech. From the article:

"I can't talk about the "crisis" of the indie film industry. There is no crisis. The country is in crisis. The economy is in crisis. We, the filmmakers, aren't in crisis. The business is changing, but for us -- us who are called Indie Filmmakers -- that's good that the business is changing. Filmmaking is an incredible privilege and we need to accept it as such -- and accept the full responsibility that comes with that privilege."

Read the rest of the article at iW.

- Sujewa


Anonymous said…
The title of your post is misleading. It's as if your pitting Mr. Hope's ground-breaking commentary against all previous commentary by distancing him as a contrarian. Doing so not only defeats the cause, and deflates the necessity of his argument, but also fails to accurately reflect the idea of his keynote address and statement. Excuse me for patrolling the internet in this way, but it seemed necessary to make this correction so that we can use Mr. Hope's speech for more constructive purposes.
Amir Motlagh said…
I was there....Good panels.
The Sujewa said…
"Anonymous said...
The title of your post is misleading..."
First, comments by Annonymous people do not have a lot of value; 'cause who ever said it does not believe in what they said enough to be identified with the statement.
Second, a long time ago, right after Mark Gill said the "sky is falling", I said it is not falling for real indie filmmakers - which is basically what Ted Hope is saying - so, it's a statememnt I agree with.
And, the post links to the full post at iW, so anyone who is interested in finding out more about Ted's ideas can go read the iW post.

- Sujewa

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