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TuneCore to assist indie filmmakers with getting their movies on iTunes

From this article:

"The movie service, currently in beta, will launch in mid-November with the same basic proposition as TuneCore's music offering:

1. Pay upfront flat fee
2. Have your work sent out to the digital download stores of your choice
3. Profit!

TuneCore takes no rights nor percentages, so artists keep all of the money (the stores still take their cut, of course). While an album of music can be delivered for $20 or $30, films will cost much more. Pricing will depend on the length of the work; a 60-minute film will cost $550 and a 90-minute film will cost $770."

More at the ars technica article.

Visit TuneCore's site.

- Sujewa


Nicole said…
This appeared to be a worthwhile opportunity for filmmakers until that $550 fee was noticed. That is significantly higher than music iif what you say is true and it only costs up to $30 for an album. For all of that, it may be better to try and go directly to itunes OR go through another distributor that can help get a film on itunes without having to pay between $500 and $700.

Thanks for posting this info. though. Maybe this new service will be more suitable for some filmmakers but not all.
The Sujewa said…
I am sure other options for getting indie films on iTunes will pop of, specially if tuneCore is able to charge people over $500 for their service.

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