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15 days for everything else, 15 days for film work, every month - might work well

Unlike many other indie filmmakers & bloggers I know, I am totally cool with having a day job (also totally cool with hopefully not needing one at some point in the future :). But, I am also a big fan of having an entire day or days to work on film & related work - not having to worry about day job work, other responsibilities. So, I am always working on various time use strategies to try to make sure that everything that needs to get done every month gets done.

Here's the latest:
- schedule all the day job work to take place w/ in 15 days of any given month
-- also try to work in other errands & stuff during those 15 days
- schedule film work & related work for the remaining 15 or so days in the month
-- work in watching movies, reading, hanging out for professional development purposes, etc. also for the Film Work 15 Days

Having a big separation between the two types of work - assigning each as the primary task for separate days - might be a good way to focus fully on each & get things done, move things forward.

- Sujewa



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