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"Diversity is easier to realize on screen than in the audience."

Something interesting to think about, and a possible problem to solve, for indie filmmakers who are interested in having their movies distributed beyond the core indie film audience, from Filmmaker Magazine blog, part of the paragraph:

"I observed that all five films feature as characters people who are outside of the narrowly considered typical specialty-film audience, and I asked if the filmmakers had thought about how to make their film attractive to viewers resembling their characters. Hammer admitted that this is a problem, but he cited several non-theatrical screenings in universities and other venues in which a more diverse audience attended. He said it was hard to get bookings in, for example, commercial theaters in the South, not because they didn't want films with African-American characters but simply because they didn't book arthouse pictures. Dortch, whose film is opening this Friday in Los Angeles from Magnolia Pictures, says theater selection (The Bridge) was important in seeking an urban audience, and that his distributor has bought radio ads hoping to attract not just arthouse viewers."

Read the rest of the paragraph here, along with the entire post titled A Sunday Afternoon With The Gotham Breakthrough Directors.

- Sujewa


1Way or Another said…
Interesting. Some things never change. Let's hope those guys do well with their push. I certainly wish them well.

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