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Getting ooollllddd...but hanging out with Che & Soderbergh should dull the pain next weekend

And by "hanging out" with Soderbergh I mean I am going to the Dec. 12, 7 PM screening of Che in NYC - Soderbergh is supposed to do a Q & A (according to this site) at the screening.

Yes, a four hour movie about a historical figure may help me forget the fact that I am getting deeper & deeper into my 30's (a birthday coming up soon), and, if not already (maybe I am already past that point) then soon the 20's will become a distant situation.

On the other hand, Soderbergh is a good example of a filmmaker who is quite far from his 20's & continues to make interesting movies - so maybe watching one of his movies & sitting in on the Q & A is just the thing I need to start celebrating my next birthday/start embracing the new possibilities that may come my way while moving past the middle 30's.

Will have some notes on Che next weekend.

A side note re: the Cuban revolution that Che was a part of being reflected in Asia, & birthdays - around the time I was born - early 1970's - there was a failed & bloody attempt to overthrow the Sri Lankan government by rebels who were inspired by Che & the gang - and these rebels were casually known as che-guvera karayo - or che-guvera people - (formaly the rebels were a part of a group called the JVP - Janatha Vimukthy Peramuna - People's Liberation Front (or is Vimukthy a Sinhala word for victory? - so it could be People's Victory Front), an outfit that a couple of decades later gave up on armed revolution & became a mainstream political party in Sri Lanka). At least one relative of mine (that I know of) was a part of that uprising (I believe he now sees participation in the uprising as a foolish, youthful mistake). So, anyway, as the Cuban revolution & its central figures such as Che Guevara become a part of history - items of books & movies - & less & less active, living things that provide good alternatives to under-development & corruption, let's hope the era of attempts at reform through guerrilla war also come to an end in Sri Lanka (from what I hear, that's what's going on there right now - people there see an end to the latest/20+ year war between the gov. & separatist LTTE rebels).

- Sujewa


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