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Happy belated Birthday Woody Allen :: Celebrity :: Good Small Films blog

The weirdness of his personal life aside (the whole marrying your daughter-type-person thing), Woody Allen is an inspiring, & one of my favorite, filmmakers. Allen had a birthday recently - December 1 - so happy belated birthday Woody Allen.

Saw Allen's film Celebrity last night on Netflix (received a membership as an x-mas gift, so far I dig it), liked it a lot - or, liked some parts of it a lot - definitely worth checking out for Allen fans. I'd place Celebrity in my Allen's Top 5 or so Comedies list - pretty close to Annie Hall & Manhattan.

Found a new-to-me blog today: Good Small Films - A cinematic blog about Woody Allen, check it out.

- Sujewa


1Way or Another said…
Terrific choice Sujewa! Celebrity is easily one of, if not my favorite Woody Allen film (I'm not a bigger fan of Annie Hall than I am of Manhattan, Stardust Memories, and Celebrity).

It has been argued that a few of his films have been renditions of other directors, or their actual films. Under that argument, Interiors is his version of Bergman, Stardust Memories is his version of Fellini's 8 1/2 (I saw 8 1/2 for the umpteenth time last night and is my favorite film of all time), and that Celebrity is his version of La Dolci Vita. It is basically a series of vignettes, and the character (like we argued in Cookies), doesn't change from the beginning to the end. In fact, it can be argued that there is no ending at all. That scene with him on the set of the film we actually see in the last scene is the only conclusion, and the character just completes a 360 degree cycle.

I love the film for its harshness, tts anger. Some have called it his most angry film (I disagree and think his most angry film is Deconstructing Harry). The stark B & W photography is my favorite from him, as well as the breathtaking Leo acting segment, makes this probably my first choice in Woody's filmography. Make sure you buy it now for repeated viewings.
The Sujewa said…
No need to buy it Princeton, I can watch if for free from Netflix.

The best parts of Celebrity for me was not the segments about Celebrity - that stuff is kind of dated & nothing too new there for me - I like the segments with Branaugh (sp?) acting like the typical Allen character. I think the character does go through enormous changes - realizing that his life is being "wasted" (in his opinion), getting out of the marriage, writing the book that he wanted to write, and I think at the end of the film we see him at a middle point of his story - he'll probably re-write his lost book & probably try to patch things up with the Famke Jansen (sp?) character or will meet another woman.

I didn't think the movie was harsh at all - but pleasant entertainment, diversion.

Looking forward to checking out Barcelona & Allen's just wrapped flick Whatever Works.

- Sujewa

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