Saturday, December 20, 2008

!Happy Holidays! - Opening 9 minutes from new doc Indie Film Blogger Road Trip

So here's my end of year gift to the readers of this blog & the indie film community in general - 9 minutes (9 for 2009 - get it? :) from my upcoming doc Indie Film Blogger Road Trip. Here's the official description of the content in this clip:

"In this 9 minute segment from Sujewa Ekanayake's documentary Indie Film Blogger Road Trip we see: Anthony Kaufman talk about the moment when he knew he would "make it" as a professional film journalist, Sujewa Ekanayake introduce the documentary, and Tambay Obenson speak about the community that one becomes a part of by blogging and how that community and blogging has helped him develop his career as a filmmaker. Music by Kevin MacLeod. The full 95 minute documentary will be available at screenings and on DVD in 2009. For more information and news about the project please visit:
Indie Film Blogger Road Trip was produced, directed, videotaped, and edited by Sujewa Ekanayake. Indie Film Blogger Road Trip Copyright 2008 Sujewa Ekanayake/Wild Diner Films."

Festival and screening venue programmers, media, individuals/home users interested in this documentary can e-mail me. I am planning some screenings of the doc at the moment for early 2009, may sell a very basic, relatively inexpensive DVD of it for home use starting in early 2009, and am interested in screening this film at various venues, including film festivals. Thanks, & !Happy Holidays!

And now, the clip:

- Sujewa


1Way or Another said...

Great ipen! It was just getting heated about a subject I find interesting. Good way to wet my appetite! Cant wait to see the rest!

The Sujewa said...

Thanks Princeton. Yeah, after the 9 min. mark we go further in to that minorities & initial wave of mumblecore press topic with Tambay.
You'll get to see the whole flick very soon.



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