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In 3 days 450 views of a clip featuring bloggers talking about blogging! :)

When I was making Indie Film Blogger Road Trip I told people that there are probably 200 people in America who are going to be really interested in the doc - a talking heads feature where indie film bloggers talk about blogging & related matters. And I expected the 9 minute clip from the film - the opening 9 minutes - posted on YouTube on Saturday morning, to attract maybe 10-20 views a day. To my very pleasant surprise, as of Monday late night - 3 days after initial upload, the clip has been viewed over 450 times! So maybe a little bit more people than I originally expected will be interested in the film when it becomes available - which is totally fine by me :)

And a big thanks goes out to all the bloggers that have mentioned the clip. Here's the list of mentions that I've seen so far. Let me know if you write about the clip (or already wrote about it but I haven't seen it yet/not mentioned here), will link to it most likely.

- Sujewa


Almost 500 now! Saw that it's getting a lot of play from a couple of German sites:


I assume you know who they are...
The Sujewa said…
Hey Tambay,

Don't know (yet) who wrote the German posts. But I hear blogging is a bigger thing in some European countrie, so maybe the story (the existence of the clip) is of interest to them.

Also, on one viral stats post chart Danish was the most used language (much bigger than English - like 4 times as much) in web mentions about the clip??? Here's the URL:

I ignored that part of that page as possibly a mistake...but who knows. Very interesting.

- Sujewa

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