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Link to a 2007 Film Independent interview with Henry Jaglom

Even though some new filmmakers may assume that the drive towards Do-It-Yourself production & self-distribution in the art/indie/low-budget comedy/drama film world may have started around 2005, the truth is that several filmmakers have been doing their own versions of real indie/outside-of-Hollywood-$s-&-control filmmaking & self-distribution for decades - and Henry Jaglom is one of them. Check out this '07 Film Independent interview with Jaglom - specially questions about how he has handled financing & distribution on several of his movies. Here's a little bit of the interview:

"Q. You're also one of the few filmmakers who self-distributes on a large scale.

[Jaglom] I do that because the Samuel Goldwyn Company did a nice job distributing a film of mine called Always (1985). I watched what they did, and I thought, Oh, I can do that. Put a few people in an office making phone calls to art theaters around the country, somebody else making posters and trailers and sending them out. I'm a little bit of a control freak, and I thought, let's try this. And I tried it, and not just with my films; I've distributed Monty Python's films. I'm distributing a film Maximillian Schell made about his sister Maria, a documentary. When Robert DeNiro had a film he wanted distributed that he had produced called Mistress (1992), and he couldn't get a good deal that he liked, he gave it to me and we distributed it."

Read the rest of the interview here.


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