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Netflix tells me I'm gonna watch Rhythm Thief & Quiet City next week

So, like I said earlier, I received a Netflix subscription for X-mas, & two of the flicks I selected for watching are on their way. One is Quiet City, which is super famous & everyone knows about (looking forward to seeing it), but the other is an older indie flick called Rhythm Thief - which I've read about but never seen. From this review of Thief:

"The New York of Rhythm Thief is a small world, indeed. The lead-footed rhythm of the story that I had disparaged in the past helps to create this hermetically sealed atmosphere, a gutter-level view of New York that equals the outlook of the characters. They are trapped by the web of the city, unable to crane their necks up to garner a better look at the world’s greatest metropolis. Instead of Nora Ephron’s fairy tales or Spike Lee’s street-corner racial divides, director Harrison depicts a New York of egalitarian decay, an equal-opportunity dead-end street. It is a city of sagging bodegas, ancient club date flyers on palimpsest lampposts, and hopelessness for all."

Sounds - fun? More at the PopMatters review.

And now, for some video & sound, Quiet City trailer (a few weeks back I got off at the wrong subway stop in Brooklyn - I forget the name of the station - but the platform gave you a great view of the train at night - going kind of diagonally away from you like several dozen feet away from you in the sky - I thought "that's so Quiet City" :):


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