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On the bright side, I don't have to deal with the Utah winter

Got a very nicely written e-mail from Sundance earlier today saying that Indie Film Blogger Road Trip was not selected for the '09 fest. Sounds good - on the bright side I can spend more time in Brooklyn & work on my new fiction feature script & fundraising, get to know my new home/neighborhood/city better (the NYC subway system is still mostly a mystery to me - it's not simple like the DC metro train system). Congrats to everyone who did get into Sundance '09. Thanks to Sundance for taking a look at IFBRT. And I am glad I was able to support the fest a little bit w/ my submission fee.

I'll probably do a sneak preview type screening of Indie Film Blogger Road Trip in NYC in January or February (if doing such a screening won't get in the way of any festival screenings, other screenings). More on that possible NYC IFBRT screening next week.

- Sujewa


I've received a few of those "nicely written e-mails" over the last several years.

Well... at least you gave it a shot!

When am I going to see Date #1?
The Sujewa said…
Will have a DNO DVD with me whenever I am in NYC - let me know when you want to see it.

IFBRT has gone out to more fests, so we'll see in the coming weeks who the lucky fest is for the doc's fest premiere.

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