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One thing I like about NYC is running into people who read my blog

There's probably 15 people in America who read my blog on a regular basis, and I think 12 of them live in NYC. It's always nice to meet a reader (so far I've met like 4 of the 12 who live in NYC :) - met one last night - filmmaker & writer Nelson Kim (who writes for Hammer to Nail & other places) - at Brandon Harris's birthday party (happy b-day brandon!). Check out some film reviews by Nelson here. Anyway, I hardly ever run into people who read my blog in MD/DC, but in NYC it is a different, & better, story.

- Sujewa


1Way or Another said…
Hope that the 3 of us are included in that 4. Im sure there are more as well.
SolShine7 said…
Nice blog, just found you via The Obenson Report.

You can check out my film blog at
Nelson said…
Good meeting you Sujewa, and thanks for the link. Keep up the good work!

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