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Some indie distributors happy with '08 performance and see a bright future

Story at this Salon article. From the article:

"So what happens if we go to the other end of the indie ecosystem?

We get the same answer, that's what. Dennis Doros is the co-founder of Milestone Films, a niche distributor in New Jersey that releases one or two films a year, generally rediscovered or unreleased classics. With Charles Burnett's neorealist masterwork "Killer of Sheep" last year and Kent Mackenzie's "The Exiles" (a mesmerizing docudrama about American Indian life in early '60s Los Angeles) this year, Milestone probably had its highest-profile releases ever."


"Moving a little up the ladder, Strand Releasing president Marcus Hu is every bit as bullish, saying, "Things have been really good for us. We've had an extraordinary year." A Los Angeles distributor specializing in challenging foreign films and gay/lesbian-themed material, Strand had modest hits this year with Turkish-German director Fatih Akin's "The Edge of Heaven" (earning about $750,000) and French director Claude Miller's Holocaust saga "A Secret" (still playing, at $550,000-plus)."

Read the rest of the article at Salon.

- Sujewa


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