Saturday, December 13, 2008

Thanks for signing my Che road show program Mr. Soderbergh

That's Steven Soderbergh on the right, signing my Che road show booklet.

Saw Che earlier tonight - will have more about the movie after I get some sleep - but I think people who are fans of Guevara will enjoy Soderbergh's bio epic - there wasn't a scene (that I can recall) in the movie where Guevara was depicted as being unusually evil, cruel, unreasonable, etc. However, regardless of Soderbergh's judgement of Guevara, Che is a well made & exciting movie (the Red camera footage from Part 1 of the film - The Argentine - is very sweet) - the four hours plus did not feel long. But more about the film later, this post is about the post-screening hang out session.

A big thanks to Steven Soderbergh for doing the very lengthy Q & A (1 hour? 45 mins?) and then sticking around to sign the programs of everyone - at least 100 people- who wanted them signed (audiences at today's 7 PM show received booklets with info. about the film). I got mine signed, got a photo taken with the director, and also talked to a few people about the movie while waiting to get my program signed. Soderbergh talked to his fans/Che audience members at length (after the Q & A session) while signing the programs. All in all it was a fun & exciting event.

Saw & said hello to iW's Eugene Hernandez at the event. Blogger & filmmaker Tambay Obenson was also there, along with over (probably) 1000 other people.

Photos & more notes soon.

- Sujewa

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