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Touring indie filmmaker Todd Sklar on Minnesota Public Radio

From the MPR story:

"Todd Sklar was meant to be in the MPR studios to talk about the four days of movies he's showing this weekend in the Twin Cities. Instead he was in a snowdrift somewhere outside Ames, Iowa, waiting for a tow truck.

But that didn't stop him pitching "Box Elder," ('A movie about dudes being dudes" as the blurb says,) and the three other movies.

Actually talking to Sklar is a little like entering into a scene from his film. Sklar, who wrote, produced and directed "Box Elder," also plays one of four central characters as they work, or rather don't work, their way through four years at the University of Missouri at Columbia. Talking on the phone it seems like Sklar didn't have to do much acting to get in character."

Read the rest of the story here.

Listen to Todd on MPR earlier today:

- Sujewa


filmmaking said…
Promoting movies is never an easy business. Good job on the interview.

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