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Adventures in DIY film event advertising: Note 1 - The Facebook Ad

So, I am working on getting the word out about the 2/17 World Premiere of Indie Film Blogger Road Trip at Anthology. Part of that is checking out, & trying out, various affordable advertising opportunities out there. One of the first things I did re: advertising was running a Facebook ad for the event. I ran an ad for about 3 days recently, targeting people who live in NYC, and Facebook said my ad received over 130,000 impressions. Now don't ask me about what that means exactly - because I have not read all the FAQs re: Facebook ads. The thing only cost about $17 (you can pick how much you want to spend a day on a Facebook ad campaign - I picked $6 a day & suspended the campaign before the full 3rd day was over). So, come 2/17, we'll see if the Facebook ad had any positive effects.

Next ad thing I'm trying out is a couple of blog ads through the company Blog Ads.

It's micro-budget advertising for a micro-budget film baby, we'll see how it all goes.

- Sujewa


130,000 impressions means that the ad was displayed 130,000 times. What's most important is how many people actually saw it. But, obviously, the more the ad shows, the more opportunities there are for it to be seen.

A better indicator, if FaceBook provides that, would be how many times the ad was clicked on (assuming it was a "clickable" ad), since clicking on an ad shows an interest in whatever the ad is selling.

I use Google for my ads whenever I need to. The give you a wide range of statistical info which can be very useful, especially in targeting specific audiences.
The Sujewa said…
Yeah, that's what I figured TO. The # of clicks were very low - so either the ad was not very interesting or something else - anyway, I was happy with what I got for the $s spent.

Will check out Google Ads.

- Sujewa

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