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Angry Asian Man is angry about Avatar's extras casting call

Get the full story at Angry Asian Man blog.


From NY Press blogger Jerry Portwood's post:

"And it’s not just Asians, even the Angry Black Woman is angry: “I’m holding out one hope — that this is some kind of messed-up viral marketing effort, maybe using reverse psychology to get people all riled up about the film so they’ll blog about it, etc. But if this is really the cast they’re planning to go with, I will definitely be boycotting this movie, and urging everyone I know to do the same.”

" No word yet from anyone who is angry for the simple fact that M. Night is actually being ALLOWED to make another movie. Hasn't he wasted enough time and money over the years with such horrendous failures as The Happening and Lady in the Water. The Last Airbender will, most likely, justly be forgotten."

Read the rest of Portwood's post here.

- Sujewa


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