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Barry Jenkins & Scott Sanders (Black Dynamite) on Obenson Report podcast Mon 1/26

Get all the info. at The Obenson Report. Here's a little bit of it:

"Your ears and mouths are requested next Monday night, January 26th, from the 8PM to 9PM hour, when my podcast, The Obenson Report airs live, via BlogTalkRadio.

Special guests for the episode include:

- Barry Jenkins, writer/director of the SXSW hit Medicine For Melancholy (a film that I don't think needs an introduction for those regular readers of this blog). Barry's film opens at IFC Theatres, here in NYC, next week Friday, and he'll be on to talk about the film, and much more, I'm sure.


- Scott Sanders, writer/director of Black Dynamite (also a film that doesn't need an intro), which razzled and dazzled Sundance audiences earlier this week, and was quickly acquired by Sony Pictures for $2 Million, with a theatrical release planned for later this year. I'm certain Scott will have a lot to say about his film, and Sundance experience."

Read the rest at The Obenson Report.

- Sujewa



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