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Check out The Mountain Thief site & blog

There's a new drama in the works called The Mountain Thief. A little bit about the movie:

The Mountain Thief is the first narrative feature film that was shot in the garbage-collecting town of Promised Land and Urban, Payatas in the Philippines where the living conditions are possibly the most horrific in the world. It was also the first film that was made with a cast culled from the scavengers of a garbage-collecting town, from the graduates of the town’s only acting workshop. The Director instituted the workshop in December of 2004. A micro-philanthropy project called Mount Hope Project was initiated by the filmmakers to help the scavengers who acted in the film.

In a world of monstrous mountains of trash, Julio and his son confront their ultimate fight for survival as they seek refuge and redemption from war and hunger. Together, they navigate territorial rivalries and intense desperation among scavengers, surviving--and finding love--despite horrific living conditions. Julio, involved in a murder incident, must prove his innocence to avoid his family’s banishment and ultimate starvation."

Sounds interesting. Check out the site & blog for the film.

- Sujewa


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