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Couple of things: a Sullivan's Travels moment, Paula Martinez reviews Revolutionary Road

A couple of nights ago I was at Silver Spring, MD's Tastee Diner, and a server there told me that he loved both Slumdog Millionaire & Revolutionary Road. I can see a moment like that being a Sullivan's Travels moment for some indie filmmakers & bloggers I know (a lot of them are not crazy about either movie - wait, is that just me? could be, I haven't run out to see either flick & nor do I feel the need to do so anytime soon, or maybe not ever, but I am looking forward to finishing Silver Jew, also Carter). Anyway, regardless, it's cool that people still get excited about Hollywood movies - "regular" people (not, you know, filmmaker-blogger-indie festival person type people :). It's kind of pleasantly amusing, charming even.

Now let's move on to one indie festival person's review of Revolutionary Road. It comes with tips on making a marriage work. Check it out at Paula Martinez's (Atlanta Film Festival) blog (and if you become a big fan of Paula, you can check out an interview with her in my new doc Indie Film Blogger Road Trip): Paula Martinez's take on Revolutionary Road & marriage.

Let's exit with a clip from Sullivan's Travels:

- Sujewa



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