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Distributing DIY animated movies on the NYC subway

Check out this cool post & interview re: animator Mark Stansberry at TrustMovies. From the post:

"So here I am, riding along on the D train, minding my own business, reading the NY Press and alternately raging against and being amazed by something Armond White has to say, when I hear the sound of a voice hawking something. I bury myself deeper into Armond and hope the voice will pass quickly into the next car. Then I hear the words "new animated films" followed by "contribute a dollar and have something your kids'll enjoy -- and you will, too..." I think about this a moment before calling the guy over my way. I mean: one dollar? Even if it turns out to be a blank DVD, I can always download something good onto it."

Read the rest of the post at TrustMovies.

- Sujewa


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