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Dude, Jim Halpert made a movie

The Office is getting a little stale (still funny, will be watching it 'till it ends) so probably a good idea for John Krasinski to branch out (though, I am sure my generation will forever think of him as Jim Halpert - even if he ends up playing Darth Vader in a Star Wars re-make in 2030) - and he has - Krasinski has directed a movie called Brief Interviews with Hideous Men. indieWIRE has an interview with Krasinski. From the interview:

"How or what prompted the idea for your film and how did it evolve?

I have wanted to adapt this book into a film ever since I first heard it out loud. In college, I was asked to be a part of a staged reading of the interviews. I can honestly say that, until that moment, I hadn’t really even thought about being an actor outside of school. It was in that one night’s performance where my personal definition of acting went from just “an opportunity to make my friends laugh” to this incredible sense of “being a part of something.” As cliché as that sounds, I had never been so moved in watching a theater performance, seeing how all the interviews worked as a group. David Foster Wallace, in my opinion, is one of the greatest writers we’ve ever had, certainly in the last twenty years. His obvious dominance of the English language is partnered with honest moments and the most beautifully dark sensibility. The result is an astounding book, and the most awesome material for an actor!"

Read the rest of the interview at iW.

- Sujewa



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