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Real life still better than HD :: Blogger doc played well to a blogger who was not featured in it :: End of things & beginning of things



As I walked out of a building in Manhattan this evening (near 49th St. subway station) I was struck by the various shades of blues & reds in the sky and towering buildings nearby. It was better than seeing a well shot scene on HD. Perhaps physically being there gave the moment added excitement - something that you don't get by watching an image on an HD monitor. So, still, at this point in time, seeing something in the flesh at a beautiful moment is better than watching an image of it on HD. That may not be for too long, perhaps, since image quality keeps getting better - but, for the moment, I am glad that organic still trumps tech.


I played Indie Film Blogger Road Trip to Kevin Lee today & he, as far as I can tell, enjoyed it. He said the film will make for some lively discussions on 2/17 when it premieres at Anthology. Kevin will introduce the movie & will moderate the post-show Q & A on 2/17. I think that was the first screening of the doc that I've done for a blogger who was not featured in the doc - am happy with the results, and am fairly certain that other not-featured-in-the-doc-bloggers who see the doc on 2/17 will enjoy it.


In the next movie that I will shoot (in March), a character loses her job & then adjusts to that reality & goes looking for new work - so I've been thinking a lot about the role employment - being employed by a certain place - plays in the direction of our lives, our identities, & even our goals & dreams (sometimes certain type of work is an obstacle to greater things). Losing work sucks, as most of us will agree, but, there is the chance that it may lead to better things for a person. Hopefully that will be the future for Anne Thompson & Mike Jones - better work than the work that they had to leave behind.

- Sujewa



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