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So you'll be at the Medicine for Melancholy opening tomorrow night right?

Pretty much all the cool indie filmmakers & fans that I know in NYC are planning on attending the Medicine for Melancholy opening at IFC Center tomorrow, so, it should be a fun event (and it'll be a great networking event for those of you who are into that kind of thing). Go check out Barry Jenkins' debut feature - a lot of film festivals have liked it - but don't let that stop ya :), & some people are throwing MfM in with Mumblecore - don't let that stop you either - MfM is more like a regular movie - it actually is a regular movie - with a plot, script, good acting, etc. - then an improvised non-scripted thing shot in a hipster apartment with hand held shaky-ness (not that there is anything wrong with all that stuff, I do like some of those movies, and some of my movies have those very same qualities at points - but this invite is to people who have not been WOW'd by the newest new wave of no/lo budget 'merican indies - your days in the digital video wilderness are over baby). Of course, like Stranger Than Paradise, it is best to approach MfM with low expectations - that way the flick will be an extra special discovery for you. Really, all hype & casual-ness aside, MfM is going to become an American indie classic - will become a part of the canon for several reasons. Go see it tomorrow so you can tell the new filmmaker kids in 15 years that you were there when it opened in NYC way back in early '09 (Mr. Barry Jenkins will probably be directing The Barack Obama Story - The HBO Mini Series then, or he'll be where Jim Jarmusch is now - career wise, probably). Trailer is below, here's the link to IFC Center's page on the flick, see ya at the show tomorrow! (i may not personally be there - in physical form, but, i'll be there :) Good luck tomorrow & with the coming weeks & months of theatrical & VOD MfM.


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