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Sri Lankan Army captures capital city of separatist rebels

Dealing another major blow to the Sri Lankan separatist/terrorist group the LTTE/Tamil Tigers, the government forces have captured LTTE's capital city Kilinochchi. From a Guardian article:

"The Sri Lankan army today seized control of Kilinochchi, the low-lying northern town in which separatist Tamil Tiger rebels had put together the institutions of their long sought-after independent state.

The major symbolic victory for the government could also prove a decisive turning point in the country's 25-year civil war.

"This was an unparalleled victory," the president, Mahinda Rajapakse, said in a televised speech from his office.

"Kilinochchi was the capital of a state dreamt of by a terrorist organisation. It will no longer be available to them. We should pay the gratitude of the whole nation to those heroic soldiers who achieved that victory." "

Read the rest of the article at the Guardian.

More headlines from Sri Lanka here.

And CNN has an explainer called Sri Lanka and the Tamil Tigers, for a quick background on the 25 year old conflict.

I thought the war would be over by the end of 2008, but perhaps in '09 that will actually happen.

- Sujewa


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