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Standard Definition MiniDV is the new 16MM

Since P2 cards cost around $1000 or so (so I hear) in order to shoot full HD, that would make both HDV shot on tape/MiniDV & Standard Definition MiniDV the new 16 MM. HD on P2 cards would be the new 35 MM - at least for the ultra-low budget end of the indie filmmaking world.

I definitely will not be shooting on full HD on P2 cards anytime soon.

But HDV on tape might be an easy step up from regular/SD MiniDV. However, I am still fine with SD MiniDV.

- Sujewa


1Way or Another said…
We definitely don't have to classify any budget as "ultra low budgets" anymore, especially not in your comparison as it relates to p2 cards. I think HD on p2 card (not to mention with a 35mm lens) is like 35mm for LOW budgets now - for example the recent indie hit "In Search of a Midnight Kiss" (which I hear had a low 6 figure budget). Also, the smash, Oscar winning HDV film "Once" director said he wishes he could have used a true HD camera but that was all they could afford (and they had a 100k budget).

Great attempt at the comparison though, I laughed out loud with understanding. The average 16gig p2 card (which gives you roughly 44 minutes of footage) is now going for 800 bucks at our neighborhood "church of production equipment," B&H on 9th Ave in midtown. Still hardly a bargain.

The Canon XL H1 is a pretty good camera, if you want to totally avoid p2 card and shoot 1080i resolution to mini dv tape. And you can buy that camera these days for as little as just under 3 grand.

Good luck on your choices!
The Sujewa said…
Hey Princeton,

Here's how I classify budgets:

For Hollywood & Indiewood movies:

Regular = Multiple millions (let's say over 10 mil for a Hollywood movie & over 5 mil for an indiewood movie)

Low = low millions (in 1-2 mil range)

Ultra low = under a million, perhaps even under $100K.

For real indie/DIY movies (shot on video, no stars) =

ultra-low = under $5K

low = somewhere in the $50K range

high = in the $100K to $250K range

& beyond that we are getting into ultra-low Hollywood budget territories

Yeah, that 3K Canon HDV camera might be a good tool for DIY filmmakers.

Also, I saw last night that Final Cut Express 4 - good for HDV - is $200 at the Apple Store on-line. Not bad at all.

- Sujewa

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