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What's 6.7 billion x $30 x 365?

Now that the DIY approach has been used successfully to solve the problem of producing & distributing movies, let's see if we can use the same kind of approach to end poverty & their closely related cousins - hunger, homelessness, lack of health care, & unemployment on Earth.

So, if $s had to be spent to ensure that every person on Earth has food, health care, housing (we'll deal with the unemployment issue a little later), we could probably to do it for 30 US dollars a day per person (a dollar goes a long way in most places on the planet). Population estimates place 6.7 billion as the current world population, so, times that by $30, & times that by 365 (for one year) will give you the amount of money that may be necessary to ensure that each person on the planet has a place to live, has food everyday & has health care when needed for one year. Get out a big calculator, there's gonna be a lot of zeros on the resulting number.

In DIY film a lot gets done through both innovation (using inexpensive digital video in place of expensive 35 MM film) and through volunteering & collaboration (free crew & cast, deferred pay, or reduced rates). So, if we apply the same approach to solving the poverty issue, perhaps not everything that we need will have to be paid for - perhaps, since the project is an important one, perhaps people will volunteer services or goods, & or cut rates, in order to get the work done.

Solving the unemployment problem could be tied to solving the poverty problem. A lot of work will need to be done in order to facilitate the delivery of food, housing, health care to everyone on the planet, and that work could be a solution to the unemployment problem - hire unemployed people to do the work.

An efficient & adaptable & highly accountable management team will be needed for the project, as well as security (since a lot of people live in areas that do not have well functioning governments or law & order), and able communicators (to get around political & cultural barriers).

On the bright side, a lot of individuals & groups are already tackling this problem of global poverty in piece by piece, in their own places & areas of concern way. Perhaps a coordinated & world wide approach to solving the problem will make it easier for various individual groups working in relative isolation at the moment to both accomplish their own goals & contribute of course to eliminating poverty world wide.

It is possible to make a great movie for $2000 or less (something that usually takes millions of dollars). So, it should be possible to end poverty on Earth - will take a little bit of work, as it does to make & distribute DIY films.

Share your constructive ideas related to this project in comments. And don't say it can't be done, because it has already been done at some point in the future (i am pretty sure) - so says my time travel feed back loop part of the brain (your brain that exists at a future point in time is in touch with your brain at the present).

- Sujewa



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