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Yeah, I am going to have to write a brief history of DIY film

'cause too many of the "new kids" (both in production & film writing) think DIY film - or working outside of Hollywood (& in more recent times indiewood) for production & distribution of movies started in 2005 with Mumblecore!!!! :) :) :) So, will have to look back in time to the days of Oscar Micheaux (pictured on top) & beyond (1930's & earlier), then more recently to Jonas Mekas & other 60's breakthrough NYC underground/indie/DIY filmmakers (Andy Warhol used the term DIY filmmaker in a book he wrote in the 70's or 80's, will have the title later), early efforts by John Waters, to Sarah Jacobson, Jon Moritsugu, & projects like The Last Broadcast, The Debut, Robot Stories, & more.

Leave suggestions on comments re: filmmakers & projects I should mention in my brief history of DIY film.

I'll probably have the post done at some point in early March at the latest.

Once the thing is done, when we see someone trying to re-invent the wheel we can point them to the post, and that may save a lot of time & confusion for folks.

- Sujewa


1Way or Another said…
True, unless those "kids" are simply forgetting to make the distingtion of DV DIY films, which still dates back well before mumblecore. Oscar winning director Marc Forster made several cool DV feature projects from 1997 to '01 before transitioning into Hollywood. Make sure you mention him, and then the 2005 wave came well after that.

Yep, definitely mention Micheaux, then bring it on up to Cassavetes, and round it out with some good 'ole Waters, etc. Have fun!

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