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30 pages (out of about 90) of Brooklyn Fantastic script filmed

There's going to be 2-3 story lines in Brooklyn Fantastic. The main one is the one starring Susan Buice. Another, smaller, story is the one starring Amir Motlagh. There might be a third small story that ties into the first two, or there may not be, we'll have to see where things are by mid-April. BUT, as of right now, 30 pages out of the ultimately 90 or so pages long script have been filmed (all of the story featuring Amir, most of the one featuring Susan). It's been a largely sleepless, no-time-to-shave, no-time-to-download still photos BUT capturing great performances on the DVX100B in 16 x 9 in 24p few days recently (and shooting stuff in an old fashioned way - locked down on tripod, w/ master shots & coverage, paying endless attention to image quality & sound quality). Big thanks to Susan, Amir, & Ryan Balas & Tambay Obenson (just spent like 10 hours at his apartment today filming 2 scenes) & others (like Richard B. with the audio gear hook up) who've made all the March '09 work on the project possible. Photos soon. Maybe clips & a trailer for BF by the middle of the year or so.

- Sujewa



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